ABSL Summit 2021 - safety announcement

ABSL Summit 2021 - safety announcement

Dear ABSL Summit Participants,

It is our firm belief that mass vaccinations are the only effective solution mitigating the negative consequences of the pandemic, offering us a real chance of a safe, face to face meeting after more than a year of lockdown.

With this approach and observing the growing number of vaccinations across Poland, we will be able to host a slightly larger number of guests at the onsite formula of ABSL Summit, than originally announced (initially: 450 guests max. Please note that vaccinated persons are not included in the limit).

With regard to the above, due to the most recent prevailing restrictions on the territory of Poland as well as our deepest concern of our quests’ health and well-being all ABSL Summit 2021 participants will be kindly requested to present at the registration desk either respective QR codes, certifying completed vaccination procedure or the relevant medical test certificate confirming the negative result of SARS-CoV-2 test. QR codes are available to download from mObywatel application or may be requested at the vaccination center. More details are available here.

According to the “Rules of Participation in the ABSL Summit 2021” (available here), official Polish government announcement (available here) and The Polish Cabinet Regulation of 6 May 2021 on the establishment of certain restrictions, orders and bans in connection with SARS-CoV-2 epidemic (available here), legitimate tests are RT-PCR, RT-LAMP or TMA.

The test result certificate needs to meet the following conditions:

  1. must be issued in Polish or English by a medical lab officially licensed by the Ministry of Health (the list of laboratories is available at https://www.gov.pl/web/zdrowie/lista-laboratoriow-covid),
  2. the test must be performed no later than 72 hours before admission to the event; this time is counted from sampling time.
  3. must contain: the date and time of the test, personal details of the person performing the test, the name of the medical laboratory performing the test, the nature of the laboratory, and negative result confirmation.

ABSL will also provide a possibility of taking a fast SARS-CoV-2 test on-site - at the temporary, licensed event sampling spot. Should you wish to use the on-site procedure, contact us directly at summit@absl.pl and make sure you arrive at least 40 minutes prior to the event start.

In case one will not have a legitimate certificate confirming the vaccination or negative test result or if the on-site test would result positive or one would refuse to take the test, we will not be able to accept such person to take part in the event. ABSL will refund the ticket cost. Other costs (e.g. transport, accommodation) will not be refunded.

We count on your understanding of the above procedure. Safety and security of our guests has always been our highest priority and concern.

Should you have any questions, please get back to us at summit@absl.pl