Magyari Akos

Ákos Magyari Director Global Shared Services HEINEKEN

Ákos is a highly energetic, result-oriented and experienced leader with 25+ years of diverse and profound experience in the international FMCG environment. Half of his career was in Unilever and the other half with HEINEKEN. 

He got experience in most of the areas of the finance profession. He has a deep understanding of commercial and operational activities with a natural desire for detailed knowledge of all aspects of company operations. He also has a successful track record in organisational change management, process improvement, reorganisation projects, system implementations. 

Ákos works effectively across functions, geographies and cultures. He has international experiences working in Hungary, Greece, The Netherlands, and Poland; and has been responsible for international teams in many cases. 

Ákos became a passionate GBS leader and advocated for shared services after he became the leader of HEINEKEN’s Global Shared Services in Krakow.  

When not working, Ákos likes to spend time with his family of wife, a daughter and a son, loves holidays in Greece and around Lake Balaton in Hungary, watches football of The Reds, and passionately studies and practices investing money using evidence-based stock selection methods. 


2021-09-14, Tuesday 13:40 - 14:00
CASE STUDY: Why do we care? – sustainable approach to creating inclusive environment

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Ákos Magyari | Director Global Shared Services | HEINEKEN
Ewa Szalewska | Head of HR | HEINEKEN