Anna Tryfon Bojarska

Anna Tryfon – Bojarska Innovation Manager Skanska Commercial Development Europe CEE Market

Anna has been dealing with innovations and technology for 12 years. Currently she is a manager responsible for the development of of innovative products for property projects at Skanska CDE, a growing office activity by Skanska in the CEE region. The products create value in areas such as: gaining new clients, operational efficiency, sustainable solutions, advanced data analytics. Anna i salso responsible for cooperation with companies, universities, start-ups that are leaders in innovation implementation.


Anna joined Skanska CDE in 2018. She has worked in the construction and oil and gas industry  since 2007. At Skanska S.A. she implemented a range of projects connected with: development and innovation, BIM, VR, AR, AI, integration of IT solutions with construction, increase in production processes efficiency with the use of LEAN and SIX SIGMA. As Head of Innovation &Technology she realized R&D projects on the national and International levels.


Anna i san engineering geologist, geochemist and economist. Currently she is a PhD candidate at Warsaw School of Economics, where she specializes in models of innovation management and innovation ROI estimation. She is a Management Board member at GIT (Girls InTech), an organization that supports women in competences development in STEM area (Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics).