Erol Mujanovic

Erol Mujanovic Director and co-founder ABSL BiH

Erol has 20 years of experience in private, public and NGO sector, in fields such as investment attraction, local economic development and youth employment. Erol has spent the major part of his career working on projects within the World Bank, United Nations as well as working for the British and French Government in above mentioned fields, always serving the companies and potential investors. Erol is also a marathon runner and an Ironman finisher applying the same approach to his work. He speaks English, French and Italian and he is about to obtain a PhD in Social Entrepreneurship.


2019-06-13, Thursday 10:00 - 10:45
Future of BSS in CEE region

Conference Room C1, Break Out 2

Panel Partner - Invest in Pomerania

Moderator: Elias Van Herwaarden, EMEA Service Leader, Global Location Strategies, Deloitte      
Jonathan Appleton Managing Director at ABSL Czech Republic
Erol Mujanović, Managing Director, ABSL Bosnia and Herzegovina
Kim Leandersson, Head of Riga Center at Cognizant
Kerry Hallard, President of the Global Sourcing Association
Dragos Stefan, Head of Transition at Stefanini EMEA