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Fabio Pommella North Area Operational Senior Director Whirlpool Company Polska


MBA industrial specialization “Operation and supply chain management” – Festo Academy , Milan,Italy
Msc in Aerospace Engineering – University of Naples Federico II , Italy
(Project with support of European Space Research (ESA) and Technology Centre (ESTEC)-  (Noordwijk – Nederland)
Msc Lean Manufacturing – Porsche Akademie Bergamo/Stuttgart
Auditor WCM ( FCA group in Turin and previously lessons with Prof. Yamashina)  


On the beginning of carrier i was working in Aerospace industry (Alenia Aerospace) and then in the automotive industry (in a company part of current FCA group). 
In 2001 I joined Indesit Company SpA (MDA industry) and I have had roles with increasing responsibility 
In 2008 I arrived in Poland for international assignment inside the structures of Indesit Company in Lodz. 
First i was Cooking Plant Director, then Cooling Plant Director. 
On 2012 I took the responsibility also for start-up project for two new factories in Lodz. 
In 2013 I was appointed Site Industrial Manager for Lodz and its all 4 plants. 
After Whirlpool acquisition of Indesit at the end of 2015 i led and managed the LEM (Legal entity merge) between the two companies in Poland: Whirlpool Polska and Indesit company Polska  (the biggest legal merge in Whirlpool EMEA) , both from managerial, technical  and legal point of view. Process completed with success formally in April 2018.
On that date i was appointed Chairman of Whirlpool Company Polska Sp. z o.o.  
Since 2020 I’m also Senior Director of operations and supply chain of North Area (Poland, Slovakia and UK ) The role consists in the general management of operations and Supply chain of a multi countries and multi-factories industrial manufacturing complex
Area North Cluster is composed by 3 sites and 3 logistic hub in Poland (Lodz, Radomsko, Wroclaw) 1 site in Slovakia (Poprad) and 1 factory in UK ( Yate)
North Area employs more than 8000 people, of which 6000 in Poland


I encourage people to achieve their maximum potential and I find improvement as a lifetime adventure.
Driven by passion I always look for the way to do something better. Business and life experience makes me curious and brave to go further and look for new solutions.
Culture of delegation and empowering is a foundation of building a team and we change to build our own way of improvement. Success of my team builds my strengths. I extract crutial elements to create most effective processes and systems.
A quote from Seneca that “luck is what happens when preparation meets opportunity” reflects my openness for learning new things and exploring new ideas.
I cook with friends and family and enjoy observing that the same principles
I’m 50 years old


2021-09-15, Wednesday 10:00 - 10:45
PANEL: Reinventing business models in favor of more sustainable and resilient growth

White Hall

Moderator: Remigiusz Wojciechowski | Head Service Center Gdansk | Bayer 
Piotr Ferszka | Vice President | SAP
Piotr Mechecki | Managing Director of the Investment Area | PHN
Beata Osiecka | CEO, Managing Director | Kinnarps Polska
Fabio Pommella | North Area Operational Senior Director | Whirlpool Company Polska