Kamil Wyszkowski

Kamil Wyszkowski Representative, President of the Board UN Global Compact Network Poland

UN and EU policy expert, in particular in the field of business and administration cooperation as well as mobilization of the private sector to implement the UN development goals and standards. Specialist in development, multilateral and knowledge transfer. As a United Nations employee since 2002, he has been involved in economic diplomacy, social innovation, technological innovation, social economy, and development research and measurement, in particular through the use of the Human Development Index (HDI) and UN statistics.

Head of UN Development Programme (2009-2014). Since 2004, he has been developing programs and recommendations in the United Nations Global Compact as a Representative of UN Global Compact Network Poland. United Nations Global Compact coordinates the UN system's cooperation with the private sector within the UN Business Action Hub and through the Global Compact programs are created involving government, local government, business and expert centers.



2021-09-15, Wednesday 11:00 - 11:15
CASE STUDY: Digital transformation and the data-driven economy as the only way to achieve climate neutrality and the implementation of the green deal assumption

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Kamil Wyszkowski | Representative, President of the Board | UN Global Compact Network Poland