Michal Pawlik

Michał Pawlik Co-Founder and CEO SMEO

Michał Pawlik is a Co-Founder and CEO of SMEO - an independent FinTech invoice factoring company providing flexible financing services for the small and medium enterprise sector. Before he founded SMEO in Jan 2017, he created Idea Money - the invoice finance business for Getin Holding in 2012, sold for over 150 million PLN three years later. Michal is also the creator of eFaktoring.pl, the first fully online loan service for microenterprises and freelancers in Poland. He is actively committed to the FinTech industry growth and is an MBA lecturer at Warsaw University of Technology Business School


2019-06-12, Wednesday 11:30 - 12:15
How fintech will change the financial industry

Conference Room B, Break Out 5

Panel Partner - CFA
Moderator: prof. Krzysztof Jajuga
Aleksandra Przegalińska, Researcher MIT Sloan School of Management
Piotr Smoleń, fintech expert, CFA
Wojciech Kostrzewa, CEO, Billon
Michał Pawlik, Co-Founder and CEO, SMEO