Patrycja Chmielecka

Patrycja Chmielecka Senior analyst/developer Digital Teammates

Patrycja Chmielecka is a senior analyst/developer at Digital Teammates. As mBank’s payment specialist, handling corporate and retail clients’ complaints, she gained great amount of experience at business process optimization. A year ago, she started her adventure as a “Robot Shepherd” by robotizing a process, which she was handling manually. She builds and maintains robots on a daily basis. In her free time she loves cooking.


2019-06-13, Thursday 10:00 - 10:45
Retraining and reskilling employees in the age of automation

Conference Room C2, Break Out 3

Reskilling to remain future proof
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Dorota Milczarczyk, Business Office & Communication Head, Citi
Beata Winnicka, Talents Onboarding Leader, Citi
Andrzej Pacek,  Head of Technology & Data, NatWest Poland
Piotr Malinowski,  Head of Bank Internal Reporting and NWH Poland Finance, NatWest
Paweł Olejniczak, Sales Director, Billennium

Robo Shepherd – new IT profession for non-IT employees 
Digital Teammates
Magda Adamczewska, Head of Operations,
Marta Mięśniak, Robo Shepherd Team Leader,
Patrycja Chmielecka, Senior Analyst/ Developer, Robo Shepherd
Paulina Dalik, RPA Analyst Robo Shepherd