Pawel Rabiej

Paweł Rabiej Deputy Mayor of Warsaw

A graduate of Polish philology, journalism studies and leadership psychology. Co-founder of the Nowoczesna political party and member of its board (2015-2017) and spokesperson. Member of the Verification Commission for Reprivatisation (2017-2018).

In 2008-2015 he led the Thinktank dialogue and analysis center (development expertise and social dialogue), he was a member of the Center for International Relations. He conducted numerous projects of management restructuring of companies and public institutions (1997-2015), advised local governments in marketing, branding and smart cities, managed a consortium implementing a promotional campaign for Poland before joining the European Union (1999-2001), commissioned by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. He was a journalist and publisher (Radio Trójka, Gazeta Bankowa, Businessman, Harvard Business Review, Thinktank Magazine). 


2019-06-12, Wednesday 11:30 - 12:15
How to support LGBT+ community in the workplace and create inclusive environment

Conference Room C2, Break Out 3

Panel partner - Shell
: Barbara McCloskey, HR Manager, Shell Business Operations Kraków
Paweł Rabiej, Deputy Mayor of Warsaw
Joanna Pastor, Global Delivery Manager, Accenture Operations, Accenture Poland Pride Network Lead
Neil Walker, Head of RBS Poland
Jack Martins, Executive Director Manager, Global People Support (GPS) Poland, JPMorgan Poland Services