Pomerania Development Agency

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Pomerania Development Agency (est. 1992) supports the development of Pomeranian business thanks to the European Union.  PDA has been an intermediary in the distribution of European Funds for Pomerania companies and local institutions supporting the development of entrepreneurship for almost 20 years. We manage a capital fund investing in innovative business ideas, provide consulting and training services, help local companies to open up to foreign markets, incl. by co-financing participation in fairs and other events, organize regional stands, economic missions or trainings amongst other things. We also deal with the economic promotion of the region, including attracting foreign investors who create new jobs. The Agency also runs European projects of local, national and international significance. The high quality of the services available from ARP can be attested by the following certificates: ISO 9001, KSU, Ministry of Economy, and others. 

All these activities are financed from European Union funds. The amount of funds provided, from the beginning of the ARP's operations, amounts to almost PLN 2.4 billion.