Sebastian Drzewiecki

Sebastian Drzewiecki Managing Director Sabre Poland’s Global Development Center

Sebastian has been passionately building and developing teams in the areas of modern technologies and innovative businesses for more than 20 years. Last April he was appointed Managing Director of Sabre Poland’s Global Development Center in Krakow, where he manages more than 1500 qualified programmers and engineers who develop software for over 420 airlines, thousands of travel agencies, and a large number of hotel chains in the whole world.

Sebastian is deeply involved in social activities: among other projects, he runs a podcast called “Nowoczesny Lider” (which means
“the Modern Leader”) where he inspires other fellow professionals and offers them useful suggestions on how to become better leaders; in 2018 he received the “Male Champion of Change” award thanks to his support in promoting gender equality and women’s development



2019-06-12, Wednesday 11:30 - 13:00
Women-led companies perform better. Oxford style debate

Hall 3, Plenary Hall / Break Out 1

Debate Partner - Siemens
: Dorota Warakomska
Melissa Hathaway, leading expert in cyberspace policy and cybersecurity
Rebecca Henderson, CEO, Randstad Sourceright
Dominika Bettman, CEO and Director of Digital Industries, Siemens
Mark Loughran, General Manager, Microsoft
Beata Stelmach, President PZL-Świdnik, SVP Leonardo Helicopters (Poland)
Janusz Dziurzyński, Principal Director, Accenture Technology Advisory, VP ABSL
Wiktor Janicki, General Manager, Roche Poland
Sebastian Drzewiecki, Managing Director, Sabre Poland’s Global Development Center