Sebastian Szachnowski

Sebastian Szachnowski Director HRS Digitalization Volvo Polska

Sebastian Szachnowski is a Director HRS Digitalization in Volvo Group. He has 14 years of experience in Business Services sector. He graduated from Wroclaw University of Economics. He also completed Information Technology course at Wroclaw University of Technology. Currently, he is responsible for development of Robotic Process Automation, Electronic Signatures, and interactive forms in HR. Sebastian is a proponent of fostering digital competences in business, and leveraging these skills to solve business problems with minimum IT involvement. He works actively to hone Citizen Developers concept. Prior to his current position, he was IT Project Manager, among other responsible for delivering People & Culture projects, as well as SaaS procurement and integration projects.

Sebastian has proven track of record in delivering efficiency, improving quality, and reducing lead times in HR throughout digitalization and automation. He works actively to promote and implement Agile in HR. Sebastian’s interest and expertise include business process automation, machine learning, and data analytics.

Outside of work, Sebastian reads books and plays sports. He is a husband and a proud father of two daughters.


2021-09-15, Wednesday 11:00 - 11:15