The #3city shines bright

The #3city shines bright

September was a whirlwind as ABSL hosted the 11th edition of the  ABSL Summit in the Tricity. Aside from it being a great celebration of BSS in the 3City, it was also a chance for people to meet face to face after almost two years of seeing each other virtually. 

You have to admit, this year the Summit was special. Even more special than the previous editions we dare say. So, what made it so special you ask? Well, let us tell you. This summit, came after a challenging almost 2 years, had some great speakers, very well thought out and relevant content and of course some great parties… ermmm….packed  Networking opportunities, and of course a great location!

Yes, the format changed, but the core remained unscathed and somewhat even strengthened as the leaner Summit drew more attention to content and community. More importantly, the society of business service leaders and decision-makers came together to once again form a unified brain of the sector and plan for the future. For 2 days we became one mind, to reassure each other, to ideate, to appreciate and show support. In these difficult times of change it couldn’t get any better than this.

Were there fireworks? Yes! The attendees got to experience the roof of the 3City at the beautiful Olivia Star, they got to attend great off-agenda events (which BTW were PACKED! So thank you!) and check out the Gdansk skyline at a sassy venue in the picturesque Old Town in Gdansk. 

We met new people, we greeted old friends, we learned from great speakers talking about relevant topics, we grew off each other, ideas were incepted and strategic business decisions were taken.

What’s more we had a very special keynote speaker at the 11th edition of the ABSL Summit. This time the host city took the stage- the 3City itself. It spoke through its many voices- institutional, business, support , countless testimonials and of course, just by being itself - the glistening and buzzing 3City!

Do zobaczenia ABSL Summit, we look forward to welcoming you back to the 3City soon.