Tomasz Salomon

Tomasz Salamon Managing Director State Street Bank International, Poland

Tomasz Salamon is Managing Director for State Street in Poland. He has the operational responsibility for Risk Analytics, Investment Compliance, Performance and Analytics and Transfer Agency operations in Poland. His teams operate from both Krakow and Gdansk offices and employ nearly 600 staff.
Additionally, Tomasz has General Manager role for State Street’s Gdansk office and a member of State Street Bank International GmbH Supervisory Board.
One of Tomasz’s areas of focus is promotion of flexible work arrangements. Currently he leads organizational effort on defining and executing State Street’s return to office and future workplace program. He is also a business owner of the Poland RPA and RDA programs.
Tomasz started his career in State Street in 2007 from Associate level – Fund Accountant position. In his professional career, he also worked at HSBC and in Finance Department at Valeo.
Throughout his professional journey he worked on setting up numerous specialized units - product specific pooling fund accounting team, fund expense administration team, shareholder tax team and virtual client change management team for one of State Street’s Top10 clients. Tomasz acted as a business coordinator in the project of establishing State Street’s operations in new location – Gdańsk where he relocated in January 2017. Up until end of 2018, he remained in Fund Accounting operations area, managing the departments servicing clients domiciled in Luxembourg and Switzerland. At the beginning of 2019 he moved internally to take on current scope of business responsibilities and in January 2020 he assumed role of General Manager for Gdansk office. He is actively involved with local business community.
Tomasz holds master’s degree in public administration from Jagiellonian University in Kraków as well as master’s degree in finance from the University of Economics in Kraków and is French and English speaker.
Privately, he is a father of three and an amateur runner, aspiring to accomplish his first marathon in September 2021.