EXPO XXI is a modern place on the map of Warsaw. The popular facility, guests during the year more than 200 top events including exhibitions, conferences, internal events, fashion shows, seminars, banquets, fairs, cultural and sports events and concerts. Annually, EXPO XXI is visited by hundred thousand people.


Fort Kręglickich

The ABSL Summit is designed to gather them all together during this exceptional evening to build a sense of community. The venue, Fort Legionów, is an adobe building surrounded by a moat, built between 1852 and 1854 on the southern foreland of the Warsaw Citadel. Just as the fort was, in the past, the gateway to Warsaw, we want the Welcome Cocktail to be the introduction to the next day at the ABSL Summit, with Keynote Speakers and global leaders.



Aboard the MsMermaid, we’ll be creating an opportunity for networking and establishing business relations with representatives of companies from all around the world, in a modern, elegant space with a discrete atmosphere. The MsMermaid is filled with energy and has a panoramic view of the Vistula River that presents the City of Warsaw from a unique, magical angle. It’s the perfect background for lively conversations and debate.


The View

To enable our guests to socialize in a more informal way, the orgnizers picked the highest-rated party spot in Warsaw. ‘The View’ is a unique place, consisting of two levels designed in the spirit of New York architecture and the atmosphere of its best clubs. The club is located on the top floors of the Spectrum Tower, one of the best-known business locations in Warsaw, on Twarda street. With panoramic lifts and a rooftop bar, it enjoys an exceptionally panoramic view of the Warsaw skyline at night, and is the highest observation point in Poland.