Wawrzyniec Smoczyński Founder Polityka Insight

Wawrzyniec has created Polityka Insight, the leading provider of political and economic intelligence on Poland. Earlier he spent 13 years in journalism covering international affairs, EU politics and the global economy. An expert in political and economic analysis, he now advises corporate clients on scenarios for Poland and trains executive teams in critical thinking and strategic analysis. Open Society Fellow (2008), Marshall Memorial Fellow (2009), Munich Young Leader (2012), IMF Journalism Fellow (2011). A graduate in Egyptology at the University of Warsaw, he also studied General Linguistics at the Georg August University, Göttingen. Smoczynski serves as council member of the European Council on Foreign Relations and is an alumnus of the Leadership Academy for Poland. In 2019 he published three essays on Poland’s transition, populism and communitarianism.