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to thrive

3 - 5 June, Kraków

25 Days
10 Hours
35 Minutes
Businesses that change can survive, but businesses that transform can thrive and stay ahead of the curve

Over the past two decades, Poland, as a member of the EU, has undergone a remarkable transformation. Combining its extraordinary talent pool, location, and approach, along with EU membership, Poland has become a prime and resilient destination for investors seeking to establish a European presence.

The business services sector has also experienced a significant shift, evolving from simple transaction processes to value-creating, knowledge-based roles that influence companies' decisions as well as growth trajectories.

As business leaders, we have spent the past few years preparing to be future-ready by defining our ambitions and crafting strategies that reflect what we want to become.

The vision is already here. Now it’s time to put what we’ve learnt into practice.

Join us for the ABSL Summit 2024 in Kraków to discuss growth opportunities across three key areas:
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Summit Agenda
Day 0 3 June, 2024
Day 1 4 June, 2024
Day 2 5 June, 2024
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    Kraków is a European leader in terms of attractiveness for the modern business services sector and, more recently, for research and development centres.

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    Krakow home to innovation and high technology

    Krakow is an important business centre and a popular choice for investors; it is also the destination of choice for scientific and research hubs, which can dynamically develop thanks to the potential of Krakow as a scientific centre and thanks to its well-educated, ambitious and creative graduates and specialists. The city provides an appropriate infrastructural and organisational environment, attracting investments from financial institutions, high-tech and life science companies, as well as thriving start-ups.

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    The Rt. Hon. Dame Jacinda Ardern to deliver keynote speech at ABSL Summit 2024

    ABSL Summit 2024 will take place on June 3-5 in Krakow. The Rt. Hon. Dame Jacinda Ardern, former Prime Minister of New Zealand, will deliver the keynote speech and participate in a conversation sharing her insights on leading in challenging times. Her perspective as a world leader will be particularly relevant in 2024 when, for the first time, more than half the world's population will vote in elections in 76 countries.

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    We are proud to cooperate with amazing partners that help us making this event possible.

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    Paweł Panczyj
    Łukasz Czajkowski

    Iwona Słończewska-Knap

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